The story of turning back to Nature

Blessed by nature is all-natural, chemical-free skin care brand. We collect the power of nature and blend them in our products. Our Ultimate goal is to bring people close to nature and save them from long-term impact of harmful chemicals-based products available in the market.


Our brand story... A new beginning

Our story starts with a young entrepreneur. Whose caring instincts start kicking in when she realizes how many chemicals and synthetics our everyday hygiene products have. No single product was healthy for her family, from Shampoos to Body washes. This sudden realization took her back to her good old days when everything was pure and straight out of Nature when there was a remedy for every cure.
Fast forward to October 2021, and she starts researching how all of us are blindly using all these chemicals on our bodies. To her shock, thousands of consumers fall prey to these harmful and unhygienic skincare products daily.
In April 2022, she finally took the plunge, launching ‘Blessed By Nature. The journey wasn’t easy, but with the help of her family and friends, she made it possible.

All Natural

All our products have been made with carefully selected ingredients.


We mostly prefer using essential oils serving the purpose of fragrance and rarely fragrance oils or scents.

Cruelty Free

Each of our products is free from any kind of animal material or extract


Our products are proven to prevent any kind of skin diseases like acne or eczema

Proven Blends

Our product blends are tried and tested to give you the most satisfying experience